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How do I talk about myself in my resume ?

 Talking about your personality in your resume is very important for the human resources manager because he will get to know you in general and will know your profile by talking about yourself.
 When talking about yourself, there are positive points and negative points. When talking about yourself in the CV, you have to take positive points and avoid negative points.

Positive points to talk about yourself:

- Talk honestly about yourself
- Your positive qualities and avoid your negative qualities
- Self confidence
- Make sure there are no spelling mistakes
- Maintain a nice conversation
- A short and brief overview of your personality
- Do not lie while talking about yourself because it will be reflected in the interview
- Do not be arrogant and praise yourself for your personality
- Focus on showing all the positive points you have
- Commitment to ethics when talking about yourself
- Interests and hobbies
- Show your positive abilities
- Future plans and dreams
- Your most important achievements

Negative points to talk about yourself:

- lying
- Praise the self in a horrible way
- Vanity
- Non-compliance with ethics to talk about yourself
- Do not show respect when reading about the profile of your personality
- Show selfishness when you talk about yourself
- Writing very short words to indicate your personality
- Show your negative points

These positive points must be adhered to and avoid negative points

Some examples of self-talk:

- I am a person with quick and correct decisions at work and can make the right decisions in a timely manner, and I can make quick decisions even with the pressure of work and time constraints and I can make decisions in a critical way even in the absence of adequate information points

- I am someone who can innovate and analyze, and succeed in turning ideas into successful projects, and I can find opportunities from things that others do not pay attention to.

- I am a person who considers work to be fun, and I think this is the means to ensure maximum productivity. Even when I am in a difficult situation with clients, I can save the situation with a touch of humor.

- I have the ability to capture details, solve problems and urge the help, and I believe that the details of the process is important in that it is the main engine of work, and there are many companies failed because of the method of work and without taking the details of the process 

You can now start writing a profile of yourself for your resume

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