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The most common mistakes in CV writing

1 - spelling mistakes:
Your resume should have no spelling mistakes until the HR Manager cancels your application for the new job.

2 - Writing biography more than two pages:
Do not consider your writing for your CV Many of the writing is good Try to be very brief in writing your resume as much as possible and not to exceed two pages

3. Show your mistakes and negative points:
You should be careful when writing your CV and the information and data it contains because it will be reflected in the end on you

4. General coordination:
The form of the CV must be neat, orderly and easy to read

5- Image Personal :
You need to add a personal photo or not , it's up to you, but when you add your personal photo, it must be an official picture. Not a picture to fun

6. Writing imaginary content about you:
You must be honest when writing your career information in all sincerity and no need to lie and add incorrect data about you

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